2018 Annual Report



President’s Report – Submitted by Dawn Gill

I would like to start with THANK YOU!

Thank you for joining us this past year on a journey together to becoming Fundraising Authorities – our theme for 2017/2018. Whether you participated in our informative Personal Asks and Major Gifts session in November, our Rebranding panel discussion in April, or our sold out Q & A with CRA, or some of the events in-between, we thank each of you for prioritizing your professional development and spending time with your local fundraising community this past year.

We were pleased to present speakers that we trust provided value to you as well a few opportunities for connections outside our typical breakfast and lunch format,  (i.e. member-led, Fundraiser’s Happy Hour).

We continued to reflect on who we are, how we serve you and what we are capable of. We will continue to look to you to learn what you need from your WFRE membership.

We were pleased to offer you five engaging, local, affordable professional development and networking opportunities last year – thank you for attending! You made each WFRE event richer because of your presence and we hope that ultimately you were able to bring back value to your organizations to further your mission to the wider community.

I would like you to join me in showing appreciation to the amazing volunteers that make up the WFRE board! Their dedication and enthusiasm have been a gift to me and ultimately to you as they planned events throughout the year. We are committed to serving you and we look forward to the upcoming year.

Communication Report – Submitted by Brian Banks

 There is a lot to communicate and share with fellow fundraisers in regards to WFRE events, Job Opportunities for WFRE members, and other networking events and events of interests.  Please note that we encourage all members to ensure they are on our mailing list for emails and to also check our website www.wfre.org regularly to ensure you are informed.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and if you are interested in taking on a role in some regard to communications please contact Brian Banks at bbanks@nutritionforlearning.ca

Membership Report – Submitted by Marlow Gingerich

I am pleased to report that interest in the WFRE events and membership activity has been strong. Furthermore, several guests and one-time attendees continue to be well represented in the crowd. The corporate membership continues to gain traction as it provides flexibility in different individuals attending throughout our programming year.

The executive of WFRE continues to promote membership in two ways. A corporate membership allows an organization to send various people to our events and allows flexibility as to who attends each event. An individual membership is for one specific person from an organization for the year. We have also continued with a “free guest once per year, no charge” to encourage all current members to reach out their peer group and introduce the WFRE organization to others.

We hear and sense that we are providing excellent value as the $125 membership fee pays for all the events, speakers, and meals for the entire year. One flat fee at the beginning of the year covers all the costs to all the events and also allows the member to bring a friend to one event for no extra charge. Our website continue to be an effective way to promote our membership. As well, personal advocacy from current members is always appreciated. We have worked hard to provide excellent value for our members in networking opportunities, professional development and access to leaders in our field.

For all the charities in the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge region, we want to be a trusted organization that can bring professional information to fundraisers. Thanks for your help in promoting WFRE to others.

 Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Craig Stevenson

Attached are the financial statements for fiscal 2017/18.

Note to Financial Statements:

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that our financial position is on solid ground, with net assets of $7,923 as at our fiscal close on June 30, 2018 and with net income during the fiscal year of $2,042. The Board will be looking into ways of using our assets to further enhance member benefits.

Treasurers Report – Craig Stevenson 

2017 -2018 Financial Statements