Supporting education and excellence in fund development in Waterloo Wellington
Applications for financial assistance can be made to the WFRE Board of Directors on an ongoing basis by individual members (please see Eligibility) to pursue professional development opportunities such as attendance at workshops, conferences, lectures, courses, or for an accredited professional education activity.
Applicants should be aware that the WFRE Board meets monthly with the exception of the summer months. Two bursaries of $250 may be awarded each year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.
Grants will not cover 100% of the costs of participating in a professional development activity unless the total request is under $250. A member may apply for funding to assist in bringing in guest speakers to attend staff training sessions, etc. Where this is approved, recognition must be given to WFRE.
Applications must be received prior to the start of a professional development activity. The applicant or institution pays up front for costs of the activity. Costs of approved subsidies will be reimbursed to the applicant/institution once the activity is completed and a report is submitted.
Applications may be submitted by individuals (paid staff and volunteers), who have been paid-up WFRE members for a minimum of 12 consecutive months and who work, volunteer or reside in Waterloo Wellington.
WFRE Board members are not eligible for a bursary.
More than one application from different individuals in the same institution will be accepted; however priority will be given to ‘first time’ applicants to the Professional Development Bursary, and to those working within organizations with minimal access to professional development resources.
The WFRE Board of Directors will adjudicate applications. Priority will be given to applicants judged best suited to gain from participation in professional development opportunities, and to those who demonstrate financial need. Successful applicants will be notified prior to the commencement of the professional development activity.
All successful applicants must submit a brief report upon completion of the professional development activity for which they received funding. Successful applicants may also be asked to give a presentation at a WFRE Program if the topic is of interest to the group. Funds will only be distributed upon receipt of the applicant’s one page report which must be submitted within one month of completing the professional development activity. WFRE reserves the right to post this report on its web site for the benefit of all members.
There are no deadlines for the Professional Development Bursary. Applications may be submitted at any time. A maximum of $500.00 amount will be awarded annually, $250 in the Spring and $250 in the Fall. Please fill in the application form, providing all of the information requested. All information in this document is confidential. Only completed applications will be accepted.

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