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Community-Centric Fundraising

Virtual Event – Friday, March 31st 11:00 am

Community-Centric Fundraising (CCF) is a movement that embeds equity and social justice in fundraising. Grounded in 10 principles, CCF urges fundraisers to critically examine every donor-centric philosophy they’ve been taught, engage in transparent conversations, and fundraise in ways that reduce harm. How does an organization meaningfully reflect the values of CCF in a time of scarcity and uncertainty? Since 2020, Maria has been working to embrace a community-centric model against the backdrop of a pandemic, changes in senior leadership, and the unprecedented end of highly successful fundraising events. In this session, Maria will go over how you too can approach CCF by auditing your fundraising and storytelling.

Maria Rio (she/her) is a fundraising consultant with Further Together with 10+ years of non-profit experience. She is regularly asked to speak on issues related to fundraising and her op-eds have been featured in national publications. She was a finalist for the national 2022 Charity Village Best Individual Fundraiser Award and has a deep passion for non-profit work. Maria also sits on the Board of Living Wage Canada. You can connect with Maria through Further Together or through LinkedIn.

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