Paul Nazareth

Business Development and Networking

Audio Presentation


September 16, 2014Networking for Fundraisers: Fundraisers are business-development professionals who happen to work in charities. We rely on relationship building and referrals to bring support, volunteers and donations to our organizations. Our speaker is a not a professional coach, he’s a career fundraiser like you and will share practical (no cost, low time invested) ways to integrate networking and digital connecting into your workday and personal development. But make no mistake, this isn’t  a touchy-feely soft-skills session. It’s about how to raise more dollars, build more community and get results from your time invested.Paul Nazareth has spent fourteen years empowering Canadians to make tax-smart gifts to their most beloved charities. Currently an advisor with Canada’s largest philanthropic services team using private and personal foundations to help clients, Paul continues his mission to enable personal philanthropy. He has been a volunteer with the Canadian Association of Gift Planners locally and nationally. Paul is currently faculty, teaching the Planned Giving course with the postgraduate fundraising program at Georgian College, Chair of the Advisory Committee at the Humber College postgraduate program and a national instructor with CAGP. He has won the CAGP Toronto Jasmine Sweatman award for professional excellence and an international team award for best Catholic planned giving program. A top rated speaker on legacy philanthropy and networking, Paul’s current focus is the strategy of “social media for business and social-profit” in our work and lives. Find him on LinkedIn or Twitter at @UinvitedU
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