Psychology of Money AUDIO

Philanthropic Visioning – Richard Daugherty (Ogilvie Daugherty Financial Services)

Richard-89-smJoin Richard for a thoughtful and insightful look at Charitable Giving through the Richard-89-smvision of the Psychology of Money. He will present the Seven Types of Givers and explore the reasons why people give. Through the many workshops and presentations he has done as well as working with his own clients, Richard has developed a keen awareness of how people view their finances including their debt and assets. He has developed a comprehensive system to help educate people about how they can afford to include Charitable Giving from their current cash flow as well as in their estate plans. Richard will demonstrate how to make use of the very insurance and investment products people currently use for their own financial planning and help you to think outside of the box of just using a will to do that Charitable Giving.

Richard’s career started as a Senior Accounting Supervisor for a bank in St. Catherines. He became a financial advisor in Kitchener in 1986 with Imperial Life and eventually became a Sales Supervisor with the company to train new advisors. In 1997, he created his company called RichLine Financial Services and over seven years it grew into a very successful brokerage, serving several hundred clients. In 2004, Richard merged his company with his friend and associate, Brian Ogilvie who also had a successful brokerage, forming Ogilvie Daugherty Financial Services, now one of the largest independent financial services companies in the region.

Richard is a six time qualifier of the Elite 30, being honored as one of the top 30 financial advisors in Canada by Financial Horizons, the largest MGA across the country supporting over eight thousand advisors. The Elite 30 recognizes financial advisors who demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, have strict ethical conduct and provide outstanding client service. Less than 1% of all advisors in the country have every qualified for the Elite 30.

Richard has earned a designation as a Certified Health Benefits Specialist and uses his knowledge and expertise to specialize in Retirement and Estate Planning.